How to make wall pocket

wall pocket
It’s a shelf with a new function and that is to store not only a couple of books but also stuff that would normally fall of like hats and gloves. A cat would fit 😉 but also magazines and plants, this structure is very firm. Fill the pocket with a lamp and your room will be magically illuminated.
wall pocket
It’s not a to the difficult project if you have access to someone with a wood laser cutter or a Woodcraft precision saw. Without it, you’ll have to cut out all the parts yourself with a small saw.
Use my drawing of all the nested parts and take a 600mm x 900mm x 6mm (23,6 inch x 35,4 inch x 0,24 inch) plywood or MDF for this design. My parts were laser cut at Snijlab in Rotterdam.
Things you need:
– Plywood 600 x 900 x 6 mm (23,6 x 35,4 x 0,24 inch)
– The 20 parts as on the PDF drawing
– Glue for wood
– A piece of damp cloth
– A drill
– Two wall-plugs for 6 – 8 mm diameter and two screws of approx 30mm length
– Screwdriver
– Level
– Some tape
– Coffee and patience
Take your time and enjoy putting the Wall Pocket together as much as I enjoyed creating it. See it grow as you assemble all the parts and make it come to life. Let in the spirit of your creativity and create magic. You can do this.
wall pocket
courtesy: instructables