How to make watermelon bag

it’s been quite a while since the idea has trodden my mind, and I am delighted to have finally realized it.
watermelon bag
I have always been fascinated by this fruit.
If I had been able, I would have called myself Madame Pastèque.
It reminds me of the beautiful days, holidays in Italy every summer, sellers on the roadside.
I recently received as a gift from the blogger Caely a nice cotton bag tote bag. (It was an exchange of creative material between bloggers, the blogobox)
I was looking for a long time, and it was really a very good idea for him to offer me!
In the parcel were also some explanations to realize a tote bag tie and dye way.
watermelon bag
Then to realize this DIY, you will need:
– fabric dyeing
(I took mine at Ideal, found in large area next to the laundry, in red and green)
-a virgin cotton tote bag previously cleaned and ironed (the color will hold better)
-a black marker for indelible tissue
-Gloves for handling and a large seal or basin for non-food use
Of the salt (well check the instructions for use of the dye, because I had to add to the mixture almost 500 g of fine salt)
watermelon bag
watermelon bag
Start by filling the basin with hot water, and add the red dye according to the instructions for use of the box.
Soak 3/4 of the bag in the red liquid for 20 minutes.
The handles should stay out of the dye.
Rinse the unit with cold water.
Then repeat the operation with the green dye.
This time, dip the handles to color them in green. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse.
watermelon bag
Once the whole washed, make it dry, and admire the watermelon
watermelon bag
The last operation: using a marker, come to create the small seeds of the watermelon.
It’s ready! Your bag has turned into a refreshing tote bag, perfect for the beach and summer evenings!
watermelon bag
courtesy: madame-citron


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