Hello, I visit my page! Decided to put the job it is like a master class, who may one day be interesting to see some of the nuances. This is my first master class, do not judge strictly. if something is missing – write, I might add.
Here is a crib for dolls was left of her eldest daughter. The younger son is not playing with dolls, we have to add up the soft toys. Now pink cape is torn to pieces and left on the beds horns and legs. That’s just the legs and we need them.
Now those same legs. bottom MDF native, from the crib. You do not need to cut anything.
the perimeter husband nasverlil holes, they turned 97. The distance between the stanchions future – the width of my index finger.
photographer from me useless, but I want to show what I bought. On the table lay the tube (this is understandable) and wire. bought at the hardware store, it already sliced, smooth (!), the diameter of 1.2 mm, called knitting. this wire I put in a tube to stanchions. but not in every but in one !!!
first put through one hole stanchions with wire so as not to get confused
here already inserted all the stanchions. it is seen that the wire bent stanchions act diligently and simple – stick out where they want.
further rises through one and up. raise bent.
I’m sorry, before lifting one row of double rope.
All this construction is inserted into the frame of the bed. between the legs has two transverse supports, and put them at the bottom.
 weave as your heart desires. note how many rows already woven, except for the last, all are inside the legs. and at this level I have had to grab a leg and stanchions.
here so this seems closer
that’s how it will look inside
Further gemorroyny was the moment. and this time I lasted two days. each stoyachek I replaced the colored tube, folded in half. I turned loop. and for which we loop ? even if it someone does not know, go on can credit – you will not regret.
Now we have reached the top obodochka cots. between the last series I’ve done period
period needed to properly push the tabs in places of fastening legs
But our petelki.staralas make them all the same, but it was too late when I realized that they had to do a little longer around the leg cap.
each loop to circle around the rim and pull out into the gap, which is made before the last row. in many tubes sticking out, do not pay attention, I instructed some rows to be exactly.Picture it like this – bright as a knitted mat.
That’s how we got out eyelets. there can be clearly seen that in the place of attachment to the legs obodochku tube had to go around a greater distance, and so climbed shorter loop.
then wherever I have these tabs Never push, wherever they are not folded, because of the difference in the length of anything acceptable did not work. found only this embodiment.
where longer loops there is curled over the last close, and where short loops – under the last close
here you can see the last row can see ot white. But not critical.
in all tabs tucked into one another, as the braid, the last loop glue.
something like that.
Thank you that made it to the end of the story!
 Take care of yourself and your loved ones
courtesy: stranamasterov