How to make white peony from plastic bottle

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How to make white peony from plastic bottle

Central part of the milk bottle cut lengthwise into 2 parts, cut out the petals (petal turns 4 of the bottle

Petals closeup

From cardboard cut out patterns in diameter, 10, 8, 6, 4 cm. Because linoleum cut out circles that will strengthen the petals.

Petals overlap glued to a hot melt adhesive to the linoleum.

All petals cemented brackets. Pierced with an awl and pliers bent brackets.

We get 4 billets of various sizes.

The result was a semi-finished product. Already it looks like a flower

The ends of the 2 core wire Strip, make a hole in the tube and in the linoleum pieces

From green bottle carved sepals, make a hole and slipped the wire.

All Templates gathered, twisted wire inside the flower. The flower is ready. It remains to cut the leaves and stem wrap green tape.

…..brought a flower. Let not very similar, but I have brought on their own.

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