How to make window joy


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How to make window joy

Window joy – a talisman for the house.

materials: straw, bark, branches and trees – necessarily – a red thread is oberegovy color.

I suggest that our window of twine. In the Internet found joy window made of wood shpazhek, in my opinion, they are too thin and do not look like a bundle of straw and twine – like.

art (1)

For the manufacture of joy will need a talisman window cords and red thread. The window consists of two squares, so you will need sticks 8 pieces.
The size of the window, you can choose yourself. I was cutting the twine at intervals of 35 cm, the total amount received approximately 45×45 cm, without bells.

art (2)

If you do only guardian of twine, it’s simple – cut the twine, collect it from a beam around thumb, tied it crosswise red thread, and one side of the square is ready.

art (3)

Of the four “sticks” connects the square with the same strings as do the second square.

art (4)

I made a square of twine, and I wanted to see what would happen if you add into the wooden skewers. That she (skewer) certainly not looked out, then after I cut the twine (1), I firmly stick obkleila threads of twine (2).
Next, add another layer on top of the twine (3). To take photographs, I documented the adhesive layer, but not over the entire length, and is close to the ends, on the future site of the bunch. Naturally, this is not necessary. If I have someone to hold the bundle of twine, winding it until I could be dispensed without any glue.
The final step (4) – to wind the resulting beam-cutting crosswise. I took a longer string to remain on the tips of the binding between the parties themselves.

art (5)

As in the first case, we make a square, connecting side.

art (6)

Second squared impose a 45 degree angle and carefully connect. Trim / dressed with red tips of the threads, trimming twine whisk, and the basis for our window is ready!

art (7)

Inside window-hung birds larks in the number of households, the bottom bell / bells. Skylark represents a cherished dream and helps in her performance. Its bell ringing clears space. Lark – is, of course, conditional. Birdy can be made of paper or cloth. I took his favorite woolen birds. First, an example of bright, bullfinch and titmouse…..window joy

art (8)

Here they are bigger window joy

art (9)

If a family has children, then they can make birdies smaller size than adults.

As they do, you can look at the example of chickens:

here only the size of patterns to take others.
Birdie more: breast 10 cm, back 9 cm, wings 8 cm.
Bird smaller: breast 9 cm, back 8 cm, wings 7 cm.
These birds are larger than chickens, whose size: breast 8cm back 7 cm, wings of 6 cm.
Foam tummy is adjusted for the size of the birds.
beak-apple seeds, which are suitable for chicken, small for larger birds.
For them, I often use the watermelon seeds.

art (10)

Here I tried to hang two identical birds, fancy, I just liked this combination of flowers.
Let us examine this option.

art (11)

Suspend Window joy laid at the window or the door – that passed through the flow of air into the house, and thus came the joy and happiness. I hung on the chandelier in the entrance hall.

window joy

window joy

The window can be perceived as the guardian of joy, as you can and as original souvenir gift with the wishes of well-being. In the manufacture of this home amulet it is not complicated, and it can be done with the children.

I hope you enjoyed the window joy

Happiness and good luck in the new year!


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