Make your own nail polish remover

nail polish remover

Make your own nail polish remover

Courtesy: Sudarsona Das Jain‎


Things required:
1. Normal cleaning sponge.
2. Your favourite nail polish remover.
3. Hobby knife.
4. Clean container.


Step 1: Cut the sponge as per your container size.
Step 2: On the top side of it, make a mark as shown in the picture with the help of a pen or pencil
Step 3: Now, using the hobby knife, cut in depth along the mark.
Step 4: Roll the sponge lengthwise to put it inside the container.


Step 5: Slowly rotate and insert the sponge inside the container.
Step 6: After inserting, it should look like this, the cut portion should be on top.
Step 7: Insert a pen/pencil in the cut opening and move it up and down to widen the gap and create a permanent one.
Step 8: Finally, put your favourite nail polish remover liquid in the container from the opening created in sponge. Put it slowly, giving sponge time to absorb the liquid.


Your own nail polish remover is ready. This is so convenient to carry around and you don’t need to worry about carrying cottons along with the remover liquid. To do some beautification, you can put some sticker on the container and make it as funky as you please.


Now, let’s see how it works. Just dip your finger in the sponge from the opening and rotate it 2-3 times and voila your nails are clean.



Courtesy: Sudarsona Das Jain‎

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