Making an elegant braided leather bracelet

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Making an elegant braided leather bracelet

This elegant bracelet is asking a doll which accommodate why not yours? Impress a little, if you do not have much experience, but it’s easy to braid as you will see below and is good. The silver leather will you use it with any clothing that view, for the day or holidays and celebrations.


It is essential to give it a close accompanying such splendid work and who has sufficient authority to accompany the material we are using. A big silver closure will be the best option for combining attractive.


  • Three strips of 3 meters silver leather cord
  • Glue
  • Metal clasp for a bracelet


We connect the three strands and bend in half. We subjected the strings near the part where we had doubled.


We turned to form this initial loop folding one end on itself until we have this circular.


Now we had the laces in this position and spent the far left below the laces on the right.


The intertwine thereby forming an infinity symbol or eight horizontal, as you like.





We continue repeating the same twisted until we bracelet to the desired length. We must tighten enough to get the desired shape but exceeded.


Cut the excess on both sides. Use good scissors and be careful when cutting leather, it can be very hard.


We glued the ends of the cords as you can see in the picture above and let the adhesive dry.


We placed after that one end closure also will fix with adhesive or mounting system you use, it can be mechanical and then need pliers to secure the leather laces.


Now cut the initial loop to give you the same way as the other end of the bracelet.


Again United cords this side with the adhesive are using and set the other side of the metal closure. Already have listed, once the glue dries, your sleek leather cord bracelet braided.

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