Making earrings “Sunny cape gooseberry”.


Today I will tell and show you how to make unusual earrings, which I named “Sunny cape gooseberry”.


These earrings are made of “Vitral” jewelery wire and new material.

The complexity of the work, I appreciated the “high” because the work with the new material requires certain skills and knowledge of technology “ball”.Let’s get started!

We will need:

– Foam mat (any foam, a small segment if it is not, you can crush food foil, is required for drying and products);

– Wire (about one meter);

– Tools for working with wire and fittings;

– Bead;

– “Vitral” in two colors: red and yellow;

– Cylindrical objects (in my case it glue stick and cap butylki with nail polish remover);

– Thin DOTS;

– Fittings for earrings;

– Small piece of waxed cord;

– Thread for sewing normal, black;

– Nail acrylic-styrene glossy or glossy lacquer for polymer clay;

– Brush for varnish.

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1. First, take the bead and prodenem wire into the hole so that one edge is much shorter than the other, secure the bead in the wire.


2. Take a pencil and glue will do three turns of wire wound cylindrical base.

One end of the wire, as in the case of the bead should be much shorter than the other in order to secure the structure. We connect the two ends of the wire, as shown in the photo, making no more than two turns.

Remove the blank future Physalis with threaded cylinder and the long end of the wire to get the ring, tighten the noose tight and again twist the two ends of the wire together so that the structure is sufficiently strong and rigid.

Spreading get a ring with each other and assemble them as shown in the picture so as to obtain the similarity of the round halo.

We are pulling the ends of the rings and form a frame of Physalis.


3. Take a bead on the wire and the threaded end of the wire into the prepared pan Physalis, twist the two ends together, wrapped thread design base and bite off one end of the side cutter.


4. Take a bit of wire and make a loop for supporting the application of the material “Vitral” Physalis on the workpiece. Loop is turned off by the second cylindrical object (cover). Attention ! The auxiliary loop diameter should be greater than twice than in the preform Physalis ring!


5. Drop support ring “Vitral” yellow and slowly threaded ring material through the workpiece Physalis. This should be done quickly, but carefully, so that the material does not burst in the process of passing the ring through the blank. Action repeat from 1 to 3 times, depending on how you want toned frame Physalis. If design were air bubbles, they need to carefully puncture the DOTS and to remove without damaging the structure. I cleaned only large bubbles when they appear. Small leave, I think it gives a certain charm to the final product. But be careful that they did not have too much. 49


6. Make another backup ring for “Vitral” red. Repeat from step 6, but, when we omit the ring with material goods through the frame, bring the ring with the material to the ground and then raise it back only 1/3 the height of the frame and then go down to the ground, so repeated several times. The intensity of color at the base should be higher than the tip of Physalis, so the product will look more interesting.



7. The crude product is attached to the pad of the first foam tip Physalis up and then upside down, so that the distribution of the material in the process of crystallization was uniform. 

8. wait until complete drying of the product, it takes 1 to 6 hours, depending on temperature and humidity room. Caution ! You can dry a little bit blank hairdryer, but do not overdo it, because it can damage the structure and it can appear huge dents and bubbles. The product will be spoiled. 

After drying, the material can be lacquered. I cover acrylic paint for artwork or high-gloss lacquer for polymer clay. We give a varnish to dry completely. I leave the product on the rug of foam for 24 hours to dry completely.

9. From the remaining end of the wire blank removes excess and leave about 1 cm in order to make the ring. Fold the ring and hung one fitting ring, it clings to ring fittings for earrings. The gap between the product and accessories wrapped waxed cord. Gives the product an aesthetic appearance.



And voila, our earrings “Sunny physalis” ready! They look great on a sunny day, because sunlight is passed, coloring it in yellow, red and orange shades.

Physalis in a workshop I did for a long time, because it had the most photographed every step, so that everyone is clear what? what for? and why? Ready-made earrings I made leisurely and in advance! They are on the tip, I added more “Vitral” green and I was a bit immature physalis. I think it’s even better happened. 🙂

Thank you for your attention! If something is not clear to someone, write your questions in the comments to this master class, and I will answer as much as possible in detail to each of you.

Good luck and success!



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