Making fabric flowers

Making fabric flowers

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Asagao the Japanese convolvulus flower with blue flower color is very typical romance. You can make this fabric flower attached to the mural is art.

No need to sew, fabric flowers extremely beautiful evening

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To make fabric flowers attached mural, you need to prepare the following materials:

– Fabric message or non-glossy white silk, blue-violet and green

– Brush and white acrylic paint and a bit of light brown

– Fabric glue, scissors, iron, metal, ribbon embroidery and tiny green beads and three small yellow

– Forms: print sample sizes pleasant side and cut the printed paper sample, typically 5 cm diameter flowers.


Based on canvas and paper form is the owner of this the owner of this page.cut to make fabric flowers, you need all three cotton. Who the line separating the petals.


Use the awl or hot irons to styling gap between the petals. Hiding inside the folded concave meniscus flower to flower again naturally. Sewing on the beads in the pistil (if applicable).


If you use a blue-violet cloth, you should paint the white lines on the road bent to prevent both strikingly like real flowers.



Based ke 2 form flower stalks up white fabric and cut. You paste a tubular roll stations closed. Cut a few heart-shaped green leaves, who painted veins (if applicable).


Cotton asagao fold a large flower stalk and paste the following section covered both on its wings, a stalk of cotton glued asagao another petals on the bottom half. Fill little light brown flower stalks in late evening light and create natural gradients.
Making fabric flowers decorating her house romance 14

After asgao fabric flowers, you paste flowers attached to a cloth stretched on embroidery frame. Use a small ribbon to sew simple calyx, flowers do not just paste embroidery designs embroidery under the branches curving vines. A wall painting handmade rustic and poetic!


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