Making flowers from candy wrappers

Making flowers from candy wrappers

Making flowers from candy wrappers


So you want to make a gift to your children’s favorite moms!

I bring to your attention a craft class on making flowers from candy wrappers.

For the production of multi-colored flowers, we need wrappers from chocolates of different sizes, glue gun, tube cocktail, scissors.

Wrappers colors you choose, depending on the color of the flower want to do.


Please take the biggest wrapper and assemble it in the middle.


Then twist it like this.


Just do all the selected candy wrappers.


Then take two twisted candy wrappers, impose them on each other crosswise and glued with a pistol. That’s what happens.

6 7

Similarly, glue and all other twisted wrappers.


Now we will collect our flower from the largest circle to the smallest, superimposing them on each other and sticking together with a pistol.

9 10

Now take candy wrappers green harvesting leaves will do.


It should be folded in half and cut out the shape of a leaf.


Now we will stick to the stalk flowers. To do this, take a cocktail tube and attach the flowers on them so that the flower head has been on the side of the tube where it bends. So it will be possible to turn the flower heads in any direction.

13 14 15

It is time to attach the leaves to the stalk with a pistol.



Flowers can get different colors. I got here such.

18 19

Vase made from the same sack of candy.




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