Mannequin making

Mannequin making

Mannequin making

Each dressmaker want to make something special for yourself, but as you know, to adjust the product for themselves without help is impossible. This can be done on its own dummy FIG.

You will need:

  • Reinforced adhesive tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Old T-Shirt
  • Carton

Holder dummy that can also be done on their own (we used the old cornice)
Faithful Assistant (I helped her husband – huge thanks to him!)
And most importantly – good mood! And a positive attitude!

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When you wrapped))) along the back, cut scotch with the T-shirt.
Place glue neatly cut.



On the circumference of the place where you finished reel tape, draw an oval cardboard and close the bottom of the manikin. Make a small hole in the center of the oval for the legs.


Neck form a rectangle with the help of cardboard. The width is equal to the circumference of the neck, well, and height – to your desire. Curl rectangle pipe and connect with a dummy. In the prepared hole in the bottom of the dummy insert ledge so that its end was made just above the neck. And secured to the bottom of its well.

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Mannequin stuffed with sawdust. Well, or whatever they can (old newspapers, synthetic padding, fabric scraps)


To hide all the irregularities of the dummy winding synthetic padding.


To sheathe dummy cloth is better to use the knitted fabric. In this embodiment, the fabric has been called “oil”. For the cover I needed Pattern sweatshirt. The width of the cover was a little less than waist circumference, length equal to the length of the dummy plus ten centimeters in order to close the bottom.



We put our case on a mannequin and sew it around the bottom.


For the legs we used forged items that you can buy at any hardware store. Husband welded them to the eaves. Mannequin ready!

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