Maldives off the old candy box made extremely comfortable headset carrying case

headset carrying case
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 headset carrying case
Who would have a sweet tooth, or buy candy in plastic containers for food, they must keep the right boxes long after the candy eaten offline! You will take advantage of the decent things from the candy box that chick that!
To make containers from the box of candy, you need:
– 2 round candy box
– Staple
– Slings wrench, hook size to
– Lighters
– Paintbrushes, scissors, colored paper decorations, adhesives, …
How to make candy containers from box:
Step 1:
– First, you peel away the clean label nice box of candy. Then they break out the first paper clip paperclip on fire, when they finished, you rammed right into the next box of candy. Continue to do the same to form two holes on box of candy.
 headset carrying case
Step 2:
– Insert the wire through the 2-hole hook wrench has crashed.
 headset carrying case
Step 3:
– Hook to hook into keyrings. This will help hook to your box can hang everywhere for convenience.
 headset carrying case
Step 4:
– Finally, your discretion to decorate the candy boxes 2 is finished.
 headset carrying case
Case headset is the most convenient, due to rounded shape candy box will keep your headphones tangle.
 headset carrying case
The box will not take place flat in the pocket, very easy to get to you to get out, too!
 headset carrying case
You can decorate a simple manner by gluing colored paper on this one pretty well offline!
 headset carrying case
Make a box for spoiled that this glove!
courtesy: kenh14
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