How to do manicure at home for perfect nails

manicure at home

Love those pretty sexy clean nails? want to have your nails clean all the time?
I am sharing with you….Do it yourself manicure at home tips so that you can get yourself the pretty easy inexpensive manicure at home within 15-30 Minutes anytime anywhere.

This helps to make your hands look great.


Remove Nailpolish.
Remove dead cuticles grown on nails. Better use a cuticle creme it helps to remove faster.
Remove dead skin around cuticles and nails
Shape your Nails into the desired shape
Massage hands.
Apply vaseline for smoothness and shine.
Wash in lukewarm water.
Use a cotton cloth to clean dry hands.
Apply Sally Hansen nail growth treatment or any nail treatment as the base coat.
Apply two coats of your Favourite colour nail polish, second coat after the first coat dries.
Apply Topcoat finally
You’re at home easy fast quick Manicure is done.

How often you require Manicure depends on what type of work you so with your hands. It can depend on your nail growth, nail health and how often your nails get dirty. So decide by yourself when you require nail manicures.

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