Manufacture of the birdhouse

Manufacture of the birdhouse

Manufacture of the birdhouse

In the light holiday of Easter is customary to exchange with each other colored eggs and festive Easter cakes. I offer you a great idea of ​​packaging for Easter eggs in the form of a cute birdhouse.


For the manufacture of the birdhouse, you will need:

– A thin but dense enough colorful cardboard;
– Scissors with straight or curly edges;
– Stationery knife;
– adhesive (silicone or PVA)
– A small section of thick transparent film;
– Wide transparent tape;
– Marker with a thin rod;
– Office clothespin ;
– A small piece of tape;
– pencil;
– Ruler.
1. Plans draw on a separate sheet of paper in the required size or according to the original size of the diagram. 2. Plans to Lay cardboard birdhouse prepared for all lines on the pattern with a selling pressure in such a way that would be all lines are well imprinted on the cardboard, the back line is pressed side blades of scissors under the line. Cut out a cardboard birdhouse blank, in one part of the workpiece cut circular window. 3. Cut the transparent film into the exercise book in a section, put down a marker at each point of intersection of the cells and leave the film for some time that the marker ink had dried, then carefully glue on top of adhesive tape . 4. The blank foil tape to glue a cardboard birdhouse blank, placing it in the opposite section of the window. Edge carton blank promazhte a thin layer of silicone or PVA glue and glue to the other side.


5. Details bottoms promazhte glue stick and alternately on each other. 6-7. Part of the roof has developed, as shown and fix clerical clothespin. 8. From cardboard cut out the parts in a contrasting color tiles at one edge of machined parts scalloped scissors (or draw wavy edge of a pencil, and then carefully cut bureaucratic blade or scissors with straight blades). 9. Preparations promazhte tiles with a thin layer of glue and glue to turn through birdhouse, from the bottom edge of the roof.


From cardboard cut out the other colors silhouette of birds, wing, flower and twig. Stick to the birdhouse decor and clerical clothespin decorate the bow of satin ribbon or organza.



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