Massage mat

Massage mat

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Massage mat


Subsequently, when the drink is finished bottles with lids discarded. But you can have to do something really useful, for example, a massage mat with your hands.


Make a massage mat with your hands can practically everyone, it does not need to have any special skills. This work is not complicated, creative and useful, because the result is a good thing, which will serve as a masseur for a long time. And looks like massage mat, made by hand is very attractive.

Make a massage mat with his hands must first of all, to relax. For example, it can be put close to the chair and put on his feet after a hard day. Furthermore, doctors are advised to walk on such mats daily for ten minutes. The fact that the foot has many sensitive nerve endings, which are very useful to massage like this rug.

The effect of the massage mat because of the foot are a kind of projection of the whole body during the massage, do exercises the whole body.


Materials to make massage mat with your hands

So, for massage mat should be reserved by a large number of lids from plastic bottles. Lids need to do a lot, so you have them some time to collect. For example, you can put a box in which to gather all the caps from plastic bottles for massage mat with your hands. You can also ask your friends and relatives gather to have such caps.

In addition to the caps from plastic bottles need thick and strong fishing line, as well as an awl.


How to make massage mat with your hands
At the heart of the triangle lies massage geometric shape – hexagon. You can navigate to the picture-scheme, which is shown at the end of this article.

On each side of the hexagon of the plastic lids from bottles should be at least ten caps. Thus, if we take the lid 54, would be: 9 + 10 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 8. That is to calculate everything correctly, you need to multiply the number of caps on one hand the number of sides and take cover, which are repeated.


When the lid will be collected and prepared properly, make massage mat with your hands becomes very simple. Hole punch or awl pierced six holes in each of the covers. And going to the extreme cap on one solid line. Then cover with a piece braided fishing line, as shown in the figure.

To make the massage mat with your hands really beautiful, decorative and attractive, with the help of caps of different colours laid out a certain pattern. Figure need to lay out in advance, and only then proceed to the assembly. You can also use ready-made solution, which is represented in the photograph.


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