Mini box of cardboard tube

Mini box of cardboard tube

How to pack a gift ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, or a USB flash drive? Nothing is easier!In the master class you will learn how to make a handmade box for a small gift.


– cardboard tube of foil or paper towels
– cardboard
– scissors
– glue or double sided tape
– paper for scrapbooking
– Decor 1. For a master class we took the tube from paper towels 5 cm in diameter.


2. Please outline the points of a circle from the edge of the indentation – 4 cm, then connects the dots and using mock knife cut off the ring. This is the basis of the box. In the same way cut off the ring for the cover height of 1.5 cm. In fact, you can choose a different height for your box.


3. On a piece of cardboard twice encircle the ring to get to the bottom of the base and top of the lid.


4. Carefully glue circles to the base and lid. Better to cut out circles of a few millimeters larger framework, so it will be easier for them to stick, then it will be possible to cut off the excess.


5. From the paper for scrapbooking cut a strip for the outer decoration. Do not forget to add the height of the foundations of several centimeters to teeth on each side.


6. Glue paper to the base. Better use double sided tape, which will help you to quickly, accurately and securely glue the paper. Before you glue the tabs to the base, at first just tighten them. Look, if the folds are formed on the rough edges, cut each clove porobujte half.


7. Cut a circle for the inside of the lid, glue. Then cut the strip width of 1.5 cm, to cover the glued teeth inside the cap.


8. Next, the cut strip of scrap paper (its length is 1 cm more than the circumference of a base width of 10 cm) and fold it in half. Twist the strip tube and hide one edge to the other. Apply glue to the inner walls of the base, insert a tube of scrap paper and glue it to the base. This technique will allow the cover to securely hold basis.


9. It remains the case for small – to decorate the box.


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