Modular origami

Modular origami

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Modular origami – one of the most amazing ways to create crafts and decoration items made ​​of paper.


The principle is quite simple addition of origami. Origami lesson on how simple, and so interesting and exciting.
In this study we used the paper as a dense wallpaper. The essence of the material chosen does not change simply because the product is more durable and reliable.
One gets the module as follows.


Take a rectangular piece of paper (wallpaper). Then the width of the figures add up in half – so that was more thin rectangle.
After that, fold the corners in the middle (as is done when adding paper airplane). But the lower part – the rest of the strip, the edges are bent on the back side (as shown in the photo), and then get the “ears” hide inside the part.
Then bend the module in half and start making other similar modules.


This part is called the blank modules. Perhaps this is the most time-consuming – the creation of individual elements.
When the module is already enough, you can proceed to the addition of origami figures.
For easy storage and ordering parts, modules can lay into each other.


In fact, the principle of adding the same – laying the ears of one detail in the neighbouring – so the whole product are obtained.
From origami can do anything – figures of birds and animals, vases, pots and baskets.
To get a masterpiece integrity was preserved for a long time and take the composition itself was not terrible, they can be strengthened with glue, paint and other construction materials. Many paint products obtained acrylic paints and glitter.


These are masterpieces of paper you can do yourself for a relatively short period of time. Small, like pot – about 600 pieces – can be done in a couple of days. Large vases and swans take longer because they are made up from more than 2000 elements, each foldable manually. Such work may take about a month, focusing on Origami in his spare time for a couple of hours.


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