Mosaic of the eggshell

Mosaic of the eggshell

Mosaic of the eggshell


Let’s try to make out of the eggshell mosaic pattern or, as experienced artists – mosaic set. Unprepared raw materials for our mosaic is more like a rubbish – it’s not even the whole egg shells, but only their jagged shards. It is not easy to imagine that one can do facing plate has a special decorative properties and resembling ivory. Nevertheless, it is true.

Of course, guys, you immediately want to mosaic-tiled Crackle specific thing – to decorate shell box or bowl. Take your time. Let’s try this with the first small plate, and then, having mastered the secrets of the craft, let’s do more complicated work. By the way, if any training hack would be very successful, it can be used as a basis for a small wall panels or other souvenirs.


You will need:

  • Eggshell
  • Wooden base – plywood, particle board or thick cardboard the size of a sheet of exercise book.
  • glue or “Moment”
  • Flour paste
  • Tracing
  • Mascara (black or colour)
  • Writing paper
  • Scissors
  • Fine-grained sandpaper
  • Cloth
  • Palochka- “ironing” – stick hardwood with a smooth, well-polished cut at the end. If you still do not know how to work with wood, ask the Pope to make a wand.



Before you get started, you have to stock up on raw materials, ie the eggshell.

1. Be sure to rinse the shells in lukewarm water.

2. And then put in a solution of baking soda to degrease the surface thereof.

3. Now just have a good dry preform.

4. And for the time put them in storage in cardboard boxes. When typed a large number of shells of different shades, let us manufacture facing plates.


First of all, decide what kind of glue is more convenient to use for gluing parts.
The fact is that when using PVA glue quality is higher, but not enough skilled craftsmen often fail to firmly connect the shell with the paper.
Working with the “moment” is easier, but this glue has a sharp smell, and the bond strength of parts decreases with time.
If we choose the PVA, it is sufficient to apply a thin layer of glue on the inner surface of the shells and glue the parts “moment”, it is necessary to grease and lining and shell.

Now we are ready to flatten and smooth shells.

If you carefully consider the shell of fresh eggs, you will notice a thin plenochku lining the inside of her. When you hit this cockleboat not fall apart into separate fragments – her pieces will attach the elastic film. We use a hint of nature and We attach a special lining fragile shells, such as a sheet of thin paper. Supplemented with blank lined easily cut with scissors – shells do not shatter into individual pieces. But as the semi-circular shells glued to a flat sheet of paper? That’s what we need and ironing board.

We expand the prepared shell convex side up on a sheet of paper. In this position, good sort work piece by colour – on one sheet of paste only white shells, on the other – yellow, the third – pinkish-brown, and the fourth – the fragments spotted quail eggs:

Such a separation of colours and shades will help us when the mosaic set.

Shells will lay a sheet of plywood and lightly press down on it – you will hear the crackle of light, and the work piece will be flattened.

If the raw material glue endure in that position for about a minute, and if the “moment”, then immediately move on to the next step.

Pick up a trowel and a little effort to iron each piece of shell.


Blanks will crack into many tiny pieces and at the same time stronger than glued to the paper. Take a closer look – almost indistinguishable to the eye mesh covers the shell cracks. These are the most crackles , which we have already spoken. As long as they do not affect the appearance of facing plates, and we have yet to manifest pattern “Crackle”.

Facing plastniki be covered with a protective layer on top of tracing paper. The protective layer not only will prevent the shell from crumbling, but also facilitate the transfer pattern on the working material. Apply the paste tracing is necessary, it is easily washed off the surface of the workpiece, leaving no trace. Under the translucent paper can be difficult to distinguish the color of manufactured raw materials, so mark each sheet of small shells glued desired shade. The label will tell us the colour blanks, hidden under the paper.

And now that we have prepared a sufficient amount of facing plates, try to perform my first mosaic set.
First, we will open up the simplest kind of mosaic Crackle, and then, having acquired a little experience, and more complex.
It is easiest to stick to background pre-cut from eggshells ornamental details . This method is suitable for small jobs, in which details of the image does not exceed the dimensions of the flattened shells, and considerable attention is paid to the background.

Now that we have prepared a sufficient amount of facing plates, try to perform my first mosaic set.

Put on the page of a book tracing paper and outline the contours of the image – a working drawing is ready.

It can be used repeatedly – is enough to put a sheet of tracing paper copy paper and again to circle line ornament. Manufacturing mosaic set, drawing have to translate twice – on the plate, which serves as the basis for products, and facing plates.

Put the image on a smooth tablet easy – it is necessary to put on her copy paper and tracing paper, buttons and hold them carefully cut around the line hard, sharp
sharpened pencil.

Drawing on a small, jagged pieces of the shell is transferred in parts.

Let us first enumerate all the details of the ornament as shown in the figure – it will help us not to make mistakes when assembling mosaics.


Now superimpose an image of one of the parts of the ornament on the shell and draw around it with a pencil.

Assign each part number corresponding to the number on the picture.

Cut from all parts of the eggshell mosaic smazhem their seamy side with white glue and glue to the background.

Wait until the glue dries and remove the shells covering the protective layer of paper. To do this, a sponge or a broad brush lightly moisten mosaic set. Let’s wait until the paper will soften and remove it from the shell.

Mosaic Crackle is almost ready, and we just have to paint the background and show crackles.

Use for painting diy black or color ink.

Our choice is not accidental – the chemical properties of the carcass can quickly and efficiently to finish the workpiece. Which is part of the bile pigment penetrates into the most subtle, imperceptible to the eye cracks, dragging the paint particles, as they contain shellac after drying is no longer soluble in water and turns into a kind of cement of tiny shells together.

First, cover the ink background mosaic set. And then when it dries – and ornamental shell. Painting the shells, very interesting to see how graceful grow dark twigs cracking. So they rush forward scatter in hand, branches, filling the white background unusual reticulated.

Showing thus cracelures, wipe the plate from the shell with a damp cloth to remove any excess ink. After wiping the paint will remain only in the cracks, and the pattern will regain white or cream color.

Polishing mosaic set
Grinding mosaic set – this is a very critical operation! The thickness of the shell is small, and the careless movement hone can easily damage the lining plate.

To start process the mosaic set wooden sticks, wrapped very fine sandpaper. Then start polishing. Polishing tool we need is very simple – a piece of ordinary writing paper.

In the manufacture of paper it entered substances such as chalk and kaolin, which give it roughness. With their help we mosaic set that after a brief treatment will become soft silky shine, especially noticeable on a dark background coloured ink plates.





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