nail art video – Color tip nail with one stroke nail art video

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Colour tip nail with one stroke nail art video

This nail art video demonstrates how to create a color tip with some beautiful flower one stroke nail art

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Check below nail art video:

shows a step-by-step tutorial.


1. Prep the nail by filing and applying Dehydrator and Xtrabond Primer for a better adhesion. Mix up Cover Pink and Multibalance natural pink acrylic powder, to begin extending the nail bed and give a more natural look.

2. Sculpt the free edge with White acrylic powder.

3. Shape and smooth the nail structure

4. Use a square nail brush, acrylic painting, and one-stroke technique to create a flower.

5. Apply foil adhesive creating a beautiful decoration over the nail bed and smile lines.
6. Place the foil over the adhesive, press it down for some seconds and take care off quickly. Repeat it as many times as required.

nail art video



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