Napkin holders of recycled paper

And precisely it has done with the old telephone directory pages


half a page for each drinking straw

2 3

first thing I did the long oval base 20 cm wide and 9 cm, then your round with a diameter of about 9 cm

4 5

with 23 straws folded in half, I formed a pasting range well all the points between them

6 7

at the center of the fan I glued the round, Obviously I made another one almost exactly to the other side


on the back I reinforced the center with a round card pasted

9 10

I glued with plenty of white glue the two fans on the sides of the oval and waited to dry well


I made so many wheels of two measures and I pasted them as you see in the picture


I colored the entire napkin holders in and out with acrylic colors trying to give some shade similar to wood.
I have given then two coats of glue diluted to 10 x 100 with the water, this will be the paint and at the same time will make my much more solid door-napkins


Finally I decorated one of my farfallotte salt dough

14 15

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