How to make ‘nasypushki’ candle stand

'nasypushki' candle stand
Good time of day, dear inhabitants Masters Country!
Once again, back to the topic of Africa. Now, with the help of candlesticks, which are based nasypushka amount of salt.Usually, “my” Africa is bright, here, I decided to use the minimum number of colors to use them to show the heat when the sun stood still over the desert, frozen animals, and trees, blowing dry hot wind and heard the tom-toms in the distance …
Execution candlesticks does not require skills in working with nasypushkami and tools are not needed, except a teaspoon) they are made of materials that is in almost every home, and in the absence of some of them, it is quite possible to replace the other. Braid lace, sisal twine, etc.
So, you will need:
– a jar of baby food or any other
– salt
– paint (black gouache to color the salt and red acrylic to paint the candlestick)
– black contour glass (can be replaced with black acrylic paint, applied with a brush number 2)
– candles
– teaspoon
– masking tape
– adhesive
– tape
– sisal
– foil
Let’s go!
I will not describe how to paint salt.
CAUTION! Do not try to wipe the salt hands! Let it dyed and beautiful, but hurt the skin like a normal white.
Salt stains must first measure. To do this, the easiest way to pour it into a jar, and then to add 20 percent to the outage.Usually dyed salt is, but it’s better than it is not enough. But in this case it is not fatal, because in this work the white salt is used interchangeably with black. All interchangeably)
Then select the picture that you would like to see on your candlesticks. Its I just drew – tree and giraffe. And the sun) Select (or draw) drawing better without unnecessary detail, stencil type.
'nasypushki' candle stand
Try – to look good picture on the jar, if the size is suitable!
'nasypushki' candle stand
Then cut out the pattern so that it can fit inside the jar and fasten it with masking tape as shown in the photo.
'nasypushki' candle stand
'nasypushki' candle stand
We degrease the surface of bottles, and a black outline (acrylic paint) translate the image on the front side. Remember that glass will bend slightly distort the image, consider this when moving picture.
A little advice: the crown of the trees, or kidney best depict horizontal stripes, and do not trace the outline and then fill it.Drawing will be more alive.
We leave to dry.
'nasypushki' candle stand
When the image has dried, you can start sprinkling of salt. Before that, you need to wipe the inside of the jar with a dry cloth, destroying fingerprints and debris. They are no use to us)
CAUTION! Containers must be completely dry. Beforehand, it is better for a few days, wash it and leave it open to prevent destructive salt condensate.
Fill these jars is very simple, using a teaspoon need to pour the white, the black salt, making the “zebra”. There is only one trick – that the image was not lost among the bands first sypte white salt in front of the figure, and then refill the remaining space evenly.
I specially photographed a jar of face, and the second … back, because a vivid example clearer than words)
Here is a slide! But do not make it too high, so as not collapsed. One teaspoon is more than enough.
And then – fill strips evenly.
The salt in the finished product should be three millimeters does not reach up to the neck of the jar. Pour the last layers so that they look more smooth, not as “wavy”.
Next, gently ohlopyvaya palms on the sides of the jar, as a potter clay until you get to the surface became smooth.
Now it is necessary to defend the salt in a jar, it took its place. There would be a bottle – could “help” spokes, ram it. Here too wide neck, so you need to leave the salt for at least a day, dosypaya it, if necessary.
After that, pour spout melted candle.
I bought Melt (the most simple and cheap) candle on the “water bath” and pour into the neck. On such packaging, only one tablespoon.
Now it becomes clear why we need are three millimeters to the neck. The wax (paraffin?) Is first spread widely, flooding the salt, and then narrowed in the neck, forming a tight gag. if just pour it in the neck, he would instantly flew after cooling. But I would still not recommend playing football in a candle or drop it from a great height)
jars fill, so that was a place for a candle-tablet itself neck – a few millimeters, it is no longer needed.
The next step is possible and miss, but I prefer to make the bottom of a candle. To do this, cut out a circle of foil on the diameter of the neck and carefully stick it on the cooled wax. The circle is a little on the neck of the wall, so the salt is fixed twice already.
Now we need to wax mask and the outside of the foil.
For this I used the braid. Clay around her neck.
And a couple of finishing touches – the sun red tint acrylic, and a braid around the neck tied with sisal.
Now put a candle in the candle holder, tablets, and the product is ready in the African style!
Description, as always, takes more time than the work)
courtesy: anngol
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