With these homemade candles you can dine out without having to spend half the evening swatting mosquitoes hands. And if that is something also will help you decorate the table with their natural appearance. You can recycle for processing a few orange peels and bits of candle that you gathered with candles used.

Natural candles repels insects

When preparing your orange juice for breakfast keeps shells and have the proper containers for making these candles as original.

Natural candles repels insects


  • The peel of an orange cut in half
  • Candle wicks
  • 20 drops of essential oil of citronella
  • Approximately 150 grams wax
  • A glass or metal
  • A Dipper
  • A tray or cutting board

Natural candles repels insects

Cut an orange in half or more and prepare a good juice. Clean the inside of the orange peel and leave aside. Now prepare the pan with a cup of water and put the fire, placed atop the glass or metal or an empty tin can, you will not have to clean later. Placed inside the candle ends you have assembled and let melt. Removed with an old spoon or spatula small dirt that may be of consumed candles.

Add the lemongrass and fire away tin. Clove oil or eucalyptus are also good options to replace citronella or mix with it and make some interesting scented candles. Place the orange peels on a tray or cutting board, insert the wicks and pour the melted wax inside. Wicks repositioned if necessary and congeal the wax. Once hardened it will have the candles ready for use.