Natural drumstick leaves green detox diet drink for weight loss

quick weight loss with drumstick, how to lose belly fat in 7 days and lose 3-4 inches off your waist with drumstick leaves. Drumstick leaves helps to burn stubborn belly fat and is an instant belly fat burner.

moringa for weight loss, moringa for detox, moringa health benefits, moringa is a super food which is easily available in Kerala. Moringa helps to lose stubborn belly fat and detoxifies the body. Helps to reduce inflammation. Moringa is known as natures multivitamin and it is also known as the “miracle tree”.
NOTE: Have this for 7 days and then take a break. If you are under any medication, consult your doctor.
Moringa leaves should not be given to babies/toddlers below 5 years.
Moringa During Karkidakam:
It is best to avoid moringa leaves during mid July to mid August, this period is known as the “karkidaka masam” in Kerala. Its a month of continuous rains in Kerala. Because of heavy rains, and no sunlight nothing blooms or grows well during this period. Drumstick or Moringa trees were traditionally planted near open wells. It has the ability to suck lot of water along with other toxins and store it in its trunk. Chances are that during karkada masam, the toxins would be released into its leaves.
Which is why traditional seers and ayurvedic practioners would suggest not consuming drumstick leaves during this time of the year. However, most drumstick tree will shed the leaves during this period. So, it is best not to pluck fresh drumstick leaves during this period and consume.

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