Nature inspired blouse patterns you will love

blouse patterns

A designer blouse is a way to go! Along with the saree, the blouse is the thing that changes the look of the wearer. I can’t tell for you, but for me, a blouse is the most exciting cloth to wear. It just makes you look so much smarter and more beautiful. To be honest I feel that a blouse can make your outfit or break your outfit!

You can get inspiration from so many places. The Internet is full of different designs. Right from your favorite TV serial, magazines and also this article. All this can really influence you. The beauty of a designer blouse is that you are not just restricted to the saree, you can try and experiment it with different outfits.

Here, in this article, you will find the 9 best nature-inspired blouse designs.

Nature Inspired Blouse Patterns
1. Embroidered red flowers and sparrow blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

As mentioned above all these blouse patterns are inspired by nature. The beauty is in the eye of a beholder. when you wait and look around, you will see that our surrounding is truly beautiful. We just need to keep our eyes open.

Here in this blouse design, the base color is cream and red is really popping up making the design look beautiful. The flowers are giving the feminine effect to the blouse and the birds are enhancing the beauty of the design. You can pair this type of blouse with the same color saree or a red color saree. You can also wear them with a skirt or palazzo pants.

2. Sheer embroidered blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

Are you looking for something stylish and unique for your saree? Consider the design in the picture below. The embroidery design is so unique and also popular.

Many huge designers are making this type of nature-inspired design. The plant vein with the birds on it looks very fresh and realistic. The color navy blue can never fail you. This color looks adorable in any function. Here everyone will agree that blue and pink is the best combination.

3. Bird embroidered blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

This is one of the most beautiful looking blouses on the list. The way embroidery is done along with the zari thread and different types of stones and beads are really making the bird on the blouse look adorable.

The neckline is again filled with zari embroidery and the potli buttons are looking very smart on the blouse. The beauty of this blouse is that you can not only wear it with the saree but you can also try it with the lehenga or skirt or even pants. Also, the leaf design is adding beauty to the over all look of the blouse

4. Elegant embroidered blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

You can never go wrong with some orange and gold during a wedding. The below-mentioned blouse is one such example. It is one of the smartest looking blouses on the list. The detailed embroidery on one shoulder with the birds enjoying on the swing just gives one the happy kind of vibe.

This blouse pattern is suitable for all the age group, especially on young girls.

5. Heavy front embroidered blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

This printed orange blouse is very From the previous blouses mentioned on the list because of the front Heavy design. The flower, leaves, and birds make it a complete nature-inspired design. what is more unique about this blouse is the border on the sleeves and the bottom of the blouse.

Due to the heavy front, it will look gorgeous when paired up with the lehenga or with a plain net saree. Call your creative self out and try to experiment around this beautiful blouse.

6. Traditional Embroidered blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

This blouse looks perfect for the bride! Are you a gonna be bride and looking out for some trendy inspiration? This is the blouse that will catch your attention.

The green and red, very traditional and important colors in Indian wedding makes it more attractive and classic. These colors will never go out of style. The way embroidery is done on the neck and the sleeves make it a stand-out piece on the list.

Nature Inspired Blouse

Do you love peacock? when drawn on a sheet or used as a design, peacock always looks elegant and beautiful. Having peacock as a design is very common in India. This blouse has three color combinations and it looks very fascinating.

The red and black is a classic combination and when paired it with yellow it looks amazing. The detailing in the peacock is very nicely done. Wear this blouse with red or black plain saree and with some subtle jewelry to complete the look

8. Subtle designer blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

The blouse is so simple and decent that you can pair it with pants, lehenga or heavy skirt. Or you can even wear it with printed floral design saree. The embroidery done in this design is simple and up to the point.

It doesn’t look very heavy but at the same time when you wear it, it will make you look very rich and classic. Pair it with some heavy jumkha’s and nice bangles and you will rock the event.

9. Printed and embroidered designer blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

The colors of this blouse are beyond the words can express. Just imagine how beautiful you will look when you will wear such good looking blouse. The pink, yellow, blue, copper-gold every color is contributing to the end result of the blouse.

The design is very unique. The way the tree stands tall in the middle gives a very strong women vibe. If you are one such strong-minded women looking for something that will suit your personality, go for something like this.

10. Freestyle parrot painted designer blouse

Nature Inspired Blouse

The beauty of this blouse is that you can wear it on both sides. That means that the design can be in front or back. When you pair it with saree keep the design on the back side so that people can see the beautiful blouse pattern and when you pair it up with lehenga keep the design in the front side.

The color is so pretty and royal and also the sleeve pattern is unique. If you are looking for something common that you can wear with saree and lehenga and at the same time want it to look different than give this pattern a try.

Now that you have come at the end of the list means that you have seen all the beautiful designer blouses. Select the one that you feel will suit you the best based on the occasion or the event you want to wear it at.

This blouses will definitely give you more confidence as you will be sure that the one you are wearing is very much in trend and as we all know, your confidence automatically boost up when you wear what you like! Stay tuned for more beautiful designs.


courtesy: k4fashion