Neon lights and coffee filters

Neon lights and coffee filters

Here’s a creative, gentle, light air can be made from coffee filters. To work you need a metal mesh, a garland of neon lights and coffee filters.


To work you need a metal grid, which must be cut in the shape of a circle


On each side of the grid to reach a garland with neon lights


That’s how it should turn out


Next, lay the bulb around in several rows


Next, take a coffee filters



inserted into the holes grid, fastening the ends of two adjacent filters stapler






That’s such a beautiful lamp can get)

A little bit of neon bulbs:

a garland of light bulbs are used with a nominal voltage of 2.5 – 3 B. Garland is included in the socket with a voltage of 220 V. If you connect them in parallel, they just burn, because stress resistance in parallel in all the same. When connecting to the same current flowing through all bulbs. A 220 will consist of voltage drops on all the lights. Then each will account for 2.2 V (unless bulbs 100). However, if one burns out, worn out look that one. A garland will not work until it is replaced.

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