Newly then TAKE “Zebra” Chandle


And why not make a candle with a decoration imitating coloring of zebra? It has done such a candle in a clear glass container with beeswax and soy wax. This candle is environmentally friendly, because beeswax and soy wax are considered to be the best and harmless materials in the manufacture of candles.


Ingredients (for two candles 0.5 liter):

190 grams of beeswax
2 drops of dye candles
120 ml flavor
1100 grams of soy wax
Attention! not all the aromatic oils can be used to scent candles. Ideally, the best to use specially designed oil for candles. Read more about flavoring candles here.

You will also need a water bath, scales, jars (containers for candles), a form of the type of pan, spatula for mixing, waxed paper, board, sharp knife, thermometer.

Shots waxed paper form.


Melt the beeswax and add the dye. Mix well. Add the flavor of the wax and mix again.


Even layer pour the wax into the mold.


When the wax hardens (not completely), is warm and pliable, remove the sheet from the mold and remove the paper.


With a pencil, draw a variety of shapes on the bed in the form of strips, branched bands, etc. With a sharp knife cut out the shape.


Place the cut out elements on the internal surface of the can wall, gently press down with your finger, so they stuck (it seems to me, can wall can be slightly warm).


Install the wick in the middle of the banks – in every place on two wick.


Melt soy wax and add the remaining flavor (if you want to dye and soy wax, do so before adding the flavor). Allow cooling mass to a temperature of 45-46 degrees in order not to melt the wax on the walls of the decor.

Carefully pour the wax into the jar.


After solidification of the candle wick and trim the excess candle is ready to use!





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