Newspaper blinds

Newspaper blinds

Luxury shutters can make the most of the newspaper tubes

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To produce it took me 170 newspaper tubes  
Duct prepare as usual screwed, painted in white acrylic paint.
I took facade acrylic paint, water-resistant it is, and adds PVA 3 parts paint – 1 part PVA ( “by eye”).
You can then covered with acrylic lacquer, varnish, and can be a finished product.
PS Many questions received about how to open the blinds for the review, I decided to tell, although lower than in the answers there.
For starters, the blinds can be easily removed (if uselessness) because they dress a loop on a nail. But, if desired, with the window side louvres to the top of the eyelet can tie the cord to 20-25 cm long, with another loop. Twist the blinds up this cord to the lower loop and we fix our roll wearing the lower loop on the same stud.
To mount, I used conventional rings for curtains.
nylon twine, fairly thin (1-1.5 mm thick), then tied a ring duct,
making the node between the two tubes.



To untie the knots are not sizing their normal office glue.


At a distance of 4 cm from the seam cropped ends of the tubes.


periodically tried on the length of the shutters.


So blinds look tonight.



Courtesy: Richa Bajoria Gupta