Newspaper Door / Wall Hanging

Newspaper door wall Hanging

Want to make a stylish door / wall hanging. here is an innovative idea. you can make a unique, stylish hanging which can be used as a door / wall hanging in your sweet home. Materials required can be found from your surroundings itself. Materials required are the newspaper, acrylic colour, white glue, beads, decorative stones, fish wire or thread and needle. 

So, let us start making our newspaper door / wall hanging. Take the newspaper. Roll it and make a stick. Fix the end. Roll the newspaper stick. Make a cone shape of te roll made from newspaper. Apply glue on the cone to maintain its shape. Colour it with acrylic colour. Different colours can be used as you wish. Make a hole in the centre of the cone. Take a fish wire or needle and thread and make a knot at the end using a bead. Use beads of your choice and add cones one by one after some beads and make the hanging knot at the top. Paste decorative stones so as to make it more beautiful. You can use it as a wall hanging or as a door hanging… 




Courtesy: Love Urself

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