Notebook cover of ice cream sticks

Notebook cover of ice cream sticks

Notebook cover of ice cream sticks

How I love this theme – using junk material) Publications ideas applying make stick in my diary had already gathered a great multitude, here’s another – creating a notebook with your own hands with a cover of ice cream sticks. If you are over the summer did not have time to collect wood flat sticks, and liked the idea – go to the drugstore and buy a pack of medical spatulas, same thing)


So, to create a notebook with a decorative cover, we need the following materials:

  • sticks of ice cream or medical spatulas;
  • sheets of white A4 paper;
  • textured or colored paper – 1 A4 sheet;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • stationery scissors or a knife;
  • thick and strong thread;
  • needle;
  • hot glue;
  • stamps – on request.

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The work begins with the creation of cover for notebook. Wooden sticks glued together with hot glue and tied with thread, like so:


As the size of the parts cut out decorative cover pages of the white paper:


Then look at the photo, everything is clear

11173364_1590703454524328_4935496660062498381_n 11701114_1045128775512200_9184425284714444280_n



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