How to old T-shirts turned into a nice round rug

round rug

Older knitted shirts craftswomen are widely used for a variety of handicrafts, in particular, is very popular idea to make them mats, rugs. Today, we offer a way to make the round pad on the hoop hula hoop from old T-shirts or pitches.

round rug

Necessary materials:

3-4 T-shirts (other things, tape or rope)
children’s gymnastic hoop or hula-hoop for adults
Pad on the hoop: work in progress

In the original project used children’s knitted T-shirts, but, as experience has shown, knitwear is not very suitable, because they do not hold a flat shape, if you really stretch. Therefore, we recommend to take things from the tissue with minimum admixture of spandex, ribbon or just ropes.

mat size depends on the size of the selected hoop, you can take a gymnastic hoop daughters and a large hoop for weight loss. weaving technology is very simple, even a child cope independently in making your room a round pad on the hoop.

round rug

T-shirts or other garments old cut to equal the width of the strip, from one side seam to the other, so as to get the ring. Put each strip to the hoop, first vertical, then – the horizontal, and then divide each sector into equal parts band T-shirts.

Important! Strips of fabric should be very taut, otherwise the finished mat wrinkle and will not hold the shape. Ideally, the strip should be almost free T-shirt to put on the hoop, with minimal stretch fabric.

It is likely, if the diameter of your hoop larger stripes T-shirt, it is too stretched or do you use a rope. In this case, simply wrap wrap cloth or rope and tie a knot.

Try to get all the basics lines intersect at a central point. Weave mat start with the center. Take a strip of t-shirts, attach a loop of one of the lines – the basics and miss her under and above the longitudinal lines.

round rug

When the strip end, tie it to the other ring of t-shirts, knot hide under the previous close. Continue weaving in the same way, alternating between pulling the strips above and below the longitudinal lines. Try to keep each circle pressed firmly against the previous one, without allowing large spaces and holes in between. Once you have finished weaving, cut with scissors the ends of the loops and tie their knot.

round rug

courtesy: handmadeidea

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