Backpack from old jeans

Backpack from jeans

I want to share an interesting idea that the last three days I could not let go. As a true Plyushkin I can not throw it away, even a tiny shred. And I kromochki tissues collected for one of his friend who sews bags of them. But since I have accumulated edges have two bags, I decided to make myself a backpack. Pattern backpack is: 1) A rectangle 73 * 37, 2) – oval 27 x 16, 3), two shoulder straps 100 cm long and 10 cm wide (in the final form of 5 cm, 4) Valve   

1 - Copy



We will need: Old jeans, edge fabric cord, button, interlining, eyelets, 6 pieces, the two met. ring (optionally). The edges of the fabric I nastrachivayu a thin fleece.




In this way, you need to do three parts


One piece cut out the upper part of the valve, the second two parts of the straps and the third will go to the central part of the backpack.

Of old jeans cut out two identical parts



Pockets of jeans I decorated cord (just scribbled), and then sewn to the main part of the backpack.

Valve parts sostrochila, wrenched, sewed and decorated pigtail loop of cord. Then you need to sew bottom. Sew the piping of denim and make it loops or set eyelets.


Sew the straps on the back of a valve.


Here’s what happened … In the main part and the bottoms cut out the lining (subtract the width of the piping).


You can sew the lining to a couple of pockets. Lining sewn to the main part of the backpack.

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