Opals-Imitation of plastics

Opals-Imitation of plastics

A little bit about the man-made opals . See what beauty can do with their hands!

This artificial opals


And this is natural



How nice, right?

Let’s try it again?


Any transparent or translucent polymer clay
Tiny pieces of colored clay or colored alcohol ink
Available colors pink, salmon, peach, yellow-green, green, cyan, blue, and purple, or any other color that you like.
Various heat-resistant sequins – if you do not know how they will react to heat, it is best to carry out an initial test with a small piece of baking.
You can use the ultra-thin prismatic or holographic sequins, as well as any regular-sized sequins. Use any size, shape and color: prismatic, holographic, crystal, rainbow. Salmon pink or gloss looks more authentic.
Mica powder (optional)
Pearl Ex or similar products interference colors, which give an interesting effect. Try perleks purple, green, gold, blue or any other color you like.
Step 1

Take a translucent or transparent plastic, divide it into pieces and mix each with different colors. One part of the reserve unpainted

Step 2

Necessary shades of translucent clay can be given using either small pieces of colored clay or two drops of alcohol ink. Pastel colors are the most realistic. Add color components must be very carefully and slowly, so as not to get too dark shades. Yet we must remember that the color a little effort during baking. Of course, if you wish, you can make our opals and much darker color. Please be aware that the majority of translucent clay after baking becomes more yellowish tint, that is to achieve completely white is problematic

Step 3

Pour chosen us shines in a small bowl. Mix them together.

Step 4

Now add a mixture of brilliance in each one painted a piece of clay and carefully knead each piece.


Step 5

We form from all painted parts colored balls in different ways:

Twist, but not mash a variety of colors, achieving a marble effect.
form a ball of light colored, white or translucent clay. Add the pieces of other colors and gently roll down all together, achieving asymmetric shapes and colors.
We produce marble colored piece of clay, roll out a sheet of it, and use it to cover the base of the ball
Achieve smooth beads by rolling a ball between your palms.


Step 6

Version of how you can use large pieces of glitter on the surface of the beads


Roll out a clear colorless transparent piece of clay in a very thin layer and completely cover them on top of the ball. All sequins beads should stay inside


Attach ball (or cabochons) shape. If necessary, pierce a hole


Bake according to the instructions to the polymer clay. Hot baked throw balls into the icy water to increase transparency. Leave in water for half an hour.

For maximum shine grind wet fine sandpaper and bring to perfection, rubbing white denim. Can be covered by a suitable layer of acrylic lacquer

That’s what we’ve got in the end, it is our polished artificial opals:




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