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I buy anything I did not have, everything I had already. Sobral container, cut the edge.


All you need: PVA glue, plaster 1 kg, scissors, a bowl and not the right material.


Matter sliced ​​into strips about 5-6 cm, but, of course, on the “eye”. The length of about one meter. In a bowl, spread the plaster, glue and water. The amount is not big, as quickly hardens.


She took a strip dipped, thoroughly drenched and started winding the bank. From experience I would say that they should not be first between sobboy glue or just glue the bottom, everything then. The lower edge of the hanging to tuck on the bottom. No triangles cut not just tucked around.



Here they are wrapped. Now he arranged. Gaps between the banks, cover all of the same material., And also between themselves. Specially made more folds, like a wave.


When all this has evaporated (about a day), I decided that the surface is rough. as well as the overwrite something I’ve never tried and nazhdachki I do not have long thought …., .. and come up with such a method. It may seem that this in a bowl the flour, PVA glue and a little water. And this mixture covered banks. After drying happened like this. They are white and become more smooth.


Then I painted the their usual gouache, diluting it with glue. (acrylic type paint). The color of the sea depth of 4 tones. (pictured shades are slightly turned). And after drying painted, pasted bottom of fiberboard. (set design on fiberboard around a pencil, her husband cut, then all pasted on the adhesive Dragon. painted the bumpers at the lowest color.


Then he bent to the inside edge of the painted white gouache. And sorry I did not have a yellow acrylic round flat … Capacity wanted to do like a sandy basseyn.Poetomu smeared with glue and sprinkle yellow pshenom.n




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