Organizer for plastic bags

Organizer for plastic bags

Organizer for plastic bags

All of laziness. All of it, darling. Packages completely unbelted and began to multiply under the sink like rabbits. Julia asked to deal with them like a man, that is, to solve a problem. But to give where we live, to Ikea with its packet organizer – far lazily and time sorry. It was necessary for a similar and simple solution.


Well, that’s what I got

Done within 10 minutes. Regular self-adhesive white cardboard + + radii caused by a saucer. There was even too lazy to take a compass. 😉 And glue nothing.


Why is it better than in Ikeja? In my subjective view, square shape stability and a more optimal for storing packets and the openings for their large diameter and it is definitely more convenient. I do not know about you, but I enjoy the small holes ikeevskimi uncomfortable, especially when there are many packages accumulates. They just stuck.

As it was. Horror and nightmare!




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