Organizer from waste material and the drawn-out process

Organizer from waste material and the drawn-out process

I present to you my “unfinished” and the protracted process of its manufacture. However, the organizer has served me “faithfully” is already more than six months. I began his “do” in the summer.


It all started with the boxes


Boxes were cut (like a fancy) and glued together.


Further, in the course went napkins. Crumpling them stuck. Where on the boxes pictures – I do not have to be glued in a single layer.


It did not look very nice. If anyone dare to repeat, advice from experience – once inside, it is desirable to refine and so that gaps and mixing color napkins were not. Correcting mistakes is very difficult then.


The intermediate stage show even scary. He is in the people a vivid and accurate name – “paint and throw” … But I threw away … I do not even completed the process (I think that will still be the object to change its appearance), I stopped him (at this stage) . Color, zadekupazhila was old (sandpaper rubbed in some places), prolachila. Wu-a-la! Done !!!


… And more to fill the tank that is on the table, and should be on hand at any masters.
I’m still trying to refine these things I did not just creation occupancy boxes – it all depends on what I do in a given period.


This is the other barrel.
Probably dissemble, saying that the manufacturing process has not liked me … I have already collected two more boxes, at least, of the organizer. So I think – will the organizers a lot of beautiful and different! all my mistakes, and I think that will be created following the creation easier, Fast and look beautiful.



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