Origami zinnia flower

Origami zinnia flower

Origami zinnia flower


We need: 2 sheets of pink or red, scissors, pencil, ruler and glue.
From paper-cut three squares, measuring 15 cm, 14 cm and 12 cm. I will write step by step, so as not to confuse you:


1. Take one square and fold it in a triangle.
2. Fold the triangle again to find the middle.
3. Fold the opposite corner to the middle of the foundations of the triangle and fold back.
4. To the resulting line basis bend and bend back.
5. To the resulting line to the middle of it, bend over.
6. At the edge of the line formed to locate a point in the photo, and bend to her one side of the base of the triangle.


7. The second side bend it back.
8. Cut along the top line of all unnecessary, as in the photo.
9. Expand the triangle, and you should be formed hexagon.
10. Take on one side and fold them in the middle, then fold it back them back.
11. Now each side rolling your second line formed.
12. We formed bends space you need us (look at the photo what).


13. The extreme corners bend outward and inward internal.
14. You should get like the sun.
15. Now, every ray of sun rolling your one after the other.
16. Fold each ray to the beginning of the next.
17. Take the scissors and flatten with their help each ray inside the lines.
18. Turn the work piece.


19. You already have six petals of a flower.
20. Now the upper two corners near the lobe slightly bend.
21. Along the lines of hide inside edge.
22. Do so with all the petals.


Now do the same steps with the remaining squares.
glue them together. I did the middle of a red and orange paper. Flowers can be placed together with the leaves on florist wire, or decorate their home-made boxes. Well, that’s all. Good luck to you in the creation and inspiration!

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