How to sew your own hands suitcase

How to sew your own hands suitcase

Exclusive Pearl Rhinestone Hand Chain Bracelet

Greetings to all lovers of jewelry and accessories, so – all girls) More than anything, we love to adorn different

Beaded Keychain

How To Make A Beaded Keychain

Beautiful keychain in the shape of a ball woven beads and beads

Chrysanthemums to decorate the birthday cake

Just look at this beauty! It’s crazy, flowers, come alive! And you can eat them), because they are edible, from

Daisies from sugar mastic

Daisies from sugar mastic.

Flowers in the ganutell

Ganutell – this thread twisted with thin wire, twisted into one – a working thread, flexible, obedient, magic) correctly twisted

Packing for an gift

With the help of colored cardboard for scrap booking, rulers, scissors and glue, you can create a package for Easter

Sew makeup with roses

Cute card with balloons

Cute card with balloons To work you will need a piece of white watercolor or office paper, buttons of yarn,

Candy flower umbrella.

Sweet design. Candy flower umbrella

Candles bambo stalks

I loved the idea of ​​creating a spark in the form of bamboo stalks. To work you will need a

Weave flowering cactus

If you are not able to have potted plants, no time for watering and so on, but I really want

Alstroemeria of beads

Alstroemeria of beads. French technique of weaving. Master class from the book “Magic Beads” Material necessary for the work: –

Mosaic flower pots

Ceramic flower pots without good that they can decorate as you like, because we are not restricted in t heir creative

Pitcher for the fireplace

slightly adapted it …, plumbing pipes I have not found, so the course went from the rolls of toilet paper,