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  • Vase of newspaper tubes
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    Vase of newspaper tubes

    Vase of newspaper tubes Newspapers and corrugated, crepe or tissue paper can create a floral arrangement to decorate your interior Let’s start with the weaving of the newspapers vases for flowers. Vase woven spiral pattern. […] More

  • Embossed pattern on the brooch
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    Embossed pattern on the brooch

    Embossed pattern on the brooch. Dry felting Felt brooches can be very diverse, but the most popular floral motifs.Brooches can be in the form of flowers, and flowers can be knocked through as brooches. But […] More

  • Elephant-trunk
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    Elephant-trunk It can be stored or put different dates of items that should always be at hand. I, for one they pile up their paint tools (Photo 2). For work, I use the following: a […] More

  • Newspaper well
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    Newspaper well

    Newspaper well Good day …… So now I have a well !!!!!! I also made a picture robots, who could be useful …. view of the fence small pond draw a cube and the cover […] More

  • Teacup needle bed
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    Teacup needle bed

    Teacup needle bed Who does not know for what purposes they use the beds ?! That’s right !!! For storing needles. That’s just not everyone likes to use them. Therefore, I propose to you today […] More

  • Decorative pillows
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    Decorative pillows

    Decorative pillows For the manufacture of pillows, we need: a satin, bias binding, beads, lace. Stretch satin cloth double-sided, so for the base used Stron front is glossy and Kant – Wrong (it is dark […] More

  • Bear Cookies

    Adorable Hugging Bear Cookies

    Adorable Hugging Bear Cookies Sweets can heal people, but some light refreshments are looking to feel heart flower blossoming open……the cute bear with ingenuity biscuits become more cute, little Bear holding a faster than its […] More

  • Recipe for 6 cupcakes with caramel

    Recipe for 6 cupcakes with caramel

    Recipe for 6 cupcakes with caramel   RECIPE FOR 6 MILK SWEET CUPCAKES 45 ml olive oil soft 95 g of white sugar 1 egg L Flour 90 g Baking powder 3/4 45 ml milk […] More

  • origami lily
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    Origami lily

    Origami lily In today’s IC manufacturing want to offer you a lily using the technique of origami. This is probably the most interesting technique from all that are in needlework. The whole process is associated […] More

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