Paint it in the technique of double brushstroke

Paint it in the technique of double brushstroke

Paint it in the technique of double brushstroke

Almost all of us have at home a thing like that, but it seems a bit boring. Why not decorate it ?! For example, I was like this vase.


I decided to paint it in the technique of double brushstroke.

For work I needed:

  • Synthetic flat brush (the brush should be smooth, lint-free);
  • Acrylic;
  • napkin or cloth;
  • and of course the vase itself.
  • Before you decorate a vase, it must first be degreased, that is to wash with soap and water and wipe dry or wipe
  • with alcohol (vodka).
  • The consistency of the paint should be average – not very thick, but not liquid. The paint must be from a tube or
  • jar, diluted with water, it is not necessary.


One half of a brush dipped in one color and the other half of the same brush in different color. That is, with one hand, we will apply the two colors. I have this brown and white.


When we carry out the entire plane of the brush on the surface of the vases, we get a two-tone brushstroke, with smooth transitions of paints.
So, we collect the paint on the brush on the paper we put a test pattern. The surface of the brush lies horizontally to the drawing, hold a straight line.


Then, a few lines and turns pattern – weaving. The lines are held on queue – one vertical, the other horizontal, hold the line under them in a checkerboard pattern.


Make a trial strokes, we determine what density of the paint must be, as it should go to the brush and whether we are satisfied with the resulting image. If we are satisfied, we can begin.

My brush, towel blotted, we collect the paint on the brush and begin to apply the pattern across the surface of the vase.
When we painted vases, we are sure to remember the purity of the color. More often – after one, two, rinse your brush strokes, blotted cloth. Then the transition color is clear and beautiful.
After painting the product should be let stand a couple of hours to dry completely. If a glass vase, it is necessary to put in a cold oven and allow to dry for 20 minutes at 180 ° C. Give the vase to cool in the oven, remove and cover with varnish.
Here is a vase obtained from us in the end.



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