How to painting of a computer mouse

Unusual and funny computer mouse may be a gift option for the New Year !!! Painting (or decoupage) computer mice made by hand, may have a completely different subject, and not necessarily the New Year! Next, a selection of ideas and inspiration for MK

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Those who engaged in painting and decoupage eggs, easily cope with this technique – note – the form in the mouse as a half eggs, cut lengthwise

computer mouse,
  the skin is the smallest (best nulevka)
  alcohol, and what will be cleaned (degreasing), such as a piece of gauze,
  brush (I №3, №1 №2 and columns and synthetic), acrylic paints

Well, of course – a jar with water and a rag to brush and palette of paints.

Take the mouse and accurately process it shkuroy.Do as long as it does not become all matovoy.Ya also soshkurivayu logotip.Posle this all her wipe spirtom.Etim action kill two birds with one stone: remove dust formed after shkureniya and degreased surface.

Now you can apply risunok.Ya do it by hand, simple karandashom.Karandash then easily removed by an eraser or the same cause spirtom.Mozhno drawing and using a stencil and a carbon – that’s how you prefer

Figure caused, starting early red paint fon.V

And then we put gold

Now that all the painted backgrounds, proceed to otdelke.Delaem inventory, grass, etc.

When the drawing is ready.
Varnished arm in several layers, giving it dry thoroughly and all.


courtesy: liveinternet

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