Is still hanging basket of fresh orchids in the garden, but you can decorate a picture frame in vivid 3D. Very handy for your balcony or wall hanging in a room in light.Making baskets hanging basket tree cute urban style Turn dry twigs into hooks hanging pole style Nicely Landscaped planted in eggshells



You need to prepare the following materials:

– Bamboo Small: 8 piece to a uniform length and a half to double your orchid plants for hanging.
– Fresh orchid plants have enough flowers.
– Coir (buy in store orchid sale material).
– Saws, pliers, drill small rivulets wood, torch (if any).
– Glue, wire (one piece core zinc and zinc small roll of plastic wrap in the same color of bamboo) or rattan or rope.


Spray the torch into the eyes of bamboo and both ends of each pipe segment bamboo gives them a darker brown smoky color, if no, then you can torch heated the stove was on fire.

Place the bamboo sticks crossed at right angles, a long piece head tube 1 1/4 to 1/5 the entire length of bamboo pipe.
Drill a small hole at the intersection point of two bamboo tubes, drill through the crust of bamboo .
Use pliers to cut zinc into short segments about triple the thickness of the bamboo tubes.


Connect a short piece of zinc into the hole just drilled through the shell and bamboo leftovers from the first two holes were spread folds down. Doing so bamboo is closely tied together.


Use rattan or rope, plastic coated wire, … (long wire with bamboo harmonious color) tie the knot crossed like an X on the intersection of two bamboo tubes. Both a bamboo knot tied firmer, just create beautiful form.


Along the way drilling, riveting, clinch as step 3, you tied and forced the remaining bamboo picture frame as shown. Two pairs of bamboo facing and located on two opposite pairs of bamboo is located in the lower left. Note ranked bamboo aligned, perpendicular, steadily.


Mix the coconut with liquid glue or binder such as clay.


Pressed coconut fiber mixed into a tray adhesive thickness to obtain a flat plate and thick coconut fiber. Use baskets spread (or earthenware pots, cans, …) to make the mold, you fill coir adhesive ring around the basket, creating a spread with coconut fiber basket.


Align ke bamboo frame you’ve created up Coir pressed flat plate, draw a square in the top of the frame to coir cut sawing, molding and drawing.
You spread with coconut fiber shall be taken half double saw ( covering the bottom half and half into the basket). You can also sometimes skulls sawn coconut (easy to find) and to replace the coconut orchid baskets.


Drill holes in the basket spread coir and coir sheets pressed to floss rope tied them together, put the basket on the square diagonal spread (bottom basket perpendicular to the diagonal of the square base). Use a little coconut paste to cover the natural leash. Then fastened part coconut coir processing into the bamboo frame.

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Fresh orchids in planting coconut fiber basket tied in bamboo frame, you still planting and watering in the usual way, except that the plastic basket or terracotta pots have been replaced by a bamboo frame mounted baskets coir very harmonious, rustic Welcome and Nature:


Now you can hang the painting 3D vivid green wood into the wall to decorate. It means you narrow balcony hanging wall or in a room in light. Wish you success offline!