Panels on the plate


I decided to make a small m / c. I think for a beginner it would be helpful. Materials: plate, dish detergent, acrylic primer, putty, paint, acrylic, cloth, paint, acrylic, computer disk, scissors, water, PVA glue, and “Titan”, artificial grass and flowers. . Lac
Degrease the plate:. Dishwashing detergent or a means for removal of a varnish
Gruntuem plate on two thin coats. Give the primer to dry. Acrylic primer dries very quickly (a few minutes), but it smells.


We reach the construction putties and hands forming clouds, passing over them with white glue. Bottom pasting cut into pieces of a computer disk. He was cutting with scissors. Is adhered to the “titanium” glue.


While harvesting dry, my hands and proceed to the preparation of napkins. We pull up the desired scene on a napkin. To help you do this walk with a brush and water on the proposed contour of the tissue, and separate the desired part. Then, separate the lower layers of the napkin.


We place the top layer of napkins on the workpiece, take a synthetic broad brush and water. Apply water strokes from the middle to the edge of the napkin. As appropriate, we raise the edge and tighten the tissue region to remove wrinkles. Then the same brush from the top cover cloth with white glue. (From the center to the edge). Then we collect on the index finger of PVA glue and coat with a slight movement back up wipes. expelling air, water and excess glue.


Well dry work piece until dry wipes. We reach acrylic paint. I like glossy paint “Decola”. They are very obediently fall, and bright.


painted on the blank, drawing the sky. grass …


The sky is painted over with white and blue paint. Also struck by the sides of the brush strokes of green and yellow paint. Bottom painted over the brown, black. orange and red paint.


Take out the packaging of colors (as it’s called, I do not know) (Thanks prompted SISAL) like she dried herbs of different colors. I have a pink sisal. Cut a piece of decoration to be enough for the grass on the sides of the panel.


I paint a piece of sisal on both sides with acrylic paints in green. I put on the battery and the dry land in five minutes.


Cut into two parts, the resulting grass. I bit her razmahrachivayu to be more bulk, and the top edge of bursting “grass growth” on the line, 


It turns out this way


I take out small pieces of artificial grass and flowers. And glued them on top of the grass, creating volume.


I take out putty and forms the border of her grass growth


I paint over putty brown paint.


Look how the volume of produce clouds, grass and bits of debris disk.


round the edge by nanoshu glue titanium. I put in a circle on the elastic tape glue, presses her fingers. This adhesive is good in that it is colorless. glues well, easy to wash, or “roll up” with it. Set up under the braid and grass growing on the edge of kaёmke.


Cropped grass, so as not to lick the edge of the panel. Paint on the grass near the acrylic main characters panels


refresh the mane of a lion. In this photo just seen podrisovki grass and mane.
We reach the varnish colorless, foam sponge on the clothespin and a cover job lacquer 2-3 times. This varnish dries a few minutes, so in 10-15 minutes you can apply three thin coats of varnish. The panel is ready and in kindergarten I hope will delight children.


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