Paper Cup Diwali Decor

Paper Cup Diwali Decor

Around Diwali time, kids are enthusiastic to play with colors and make something that they can proudly show everyone. This is a Diwali decor that kids can make using primarily paper cups, colors and gold color sparkle glue. Minimal adult supervision would be required. This decor piece is good as a year around doorway hanging too.


Take a paper cup which is easily available all around. Cut the thicker end of the cup.

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Draw the design of mango leaves on the cup and cut it out. Paint it with green colour to resemble leaves. Paint the bottom end of cup with red.

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Apply gold colour sparkle glue or fabric paint (3d) as an outline.  Take a piece of gilt ribbon and paste it over the bottom end of cup.

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You can make it more attractive and decorative by fixing stones on the ribbon .


Now make a small hole at the centre of the cup and insert a golden colour thread through it. Make small knots at both ends so that the cup may stay still.


Arrange all cups in the thread. Now, here is your beautiful diwali decoration.

9 10 11


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