Pasta topiary

Pasta topiary

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Pasta topiary

Welcome to another craft, dear readers of my blog! Topiary pasta-simple and straightforward, cheap to manufacture, and quite lovely if to add to it different colours. Consider some would you like to see your tree of happiness? If you make it out of pasta in the shape of flowers, openwork get the product, and even decorate the horns, or spirals, you get an elegant tree with outstretched branches. A thin pasta or spaghetti you can make your own hands prickly ball for topiary.


For a craft on creating topiary pasta with their hands we need:

  • old newspapers,
  • Painting and double-sided tape,
  • ink in the cartridge green
  • thick branches,
  • dry branches of shrubs,
  • thin wire,
  • Pasta 
  • plaster (stucco)
  • two plastic containers,
  • colored sisal,
  • artificial greens,
  • decorative butterfly,
  • Ribbon for decoration,
  • teip feed
  • acrylic lacquer,
  • hot melt glue “Moment”.
  • Making your own hands a basis for crown

For ball-base is usually ready to take the ball out of foam or polystyrene foam, also used for this purpose floral oasis. Or made the foundation with their hands out of scrap materials such as sewing thread, foam or newspaper. In this master class we will make the basis of old newspapers with their own hands.

To do this thoroughly crushes a few sheets of newspaper into a ball, if necessary, add a little more paper and wrapped with a ball on top of the resulting masking tape. Thus, we are consolidating the bowl and attach it a more rounded shape. We perform with scissors or sewing at the heart of the hole, stick it on a branch and painted in the desired color spray paint.


Design and assembly of the top Topiary

Pasta choose beautiful, not cleaved, begin to put them on the hot melt adhesive to the top of the crown, and then turn over the ball and in the same way paste remaining half. At the time of registration of the crown with their hands I took the ball with the barrel, and at the end of the work, once again put his foot in place and secure with hot glue joint.

Again covered with paint from head to toe future Topiary pasta. In the meantime, until the paint dries up, building up the trunk. In this master class are doing this out of 2 dry twigs and branches of raspberry honeysuckles. Fastening together the top and bottom of a thin wire.


Insert additional branches into a ball, fix them and prepare a plaster solution. To do this, we mix the powder with water and bring the solution to the consistency of thick oily cream. Immerse into this mixture Topiary pasta when plaster hardens enough, arrange the clearing of artificial greenery in the shade of trees. The surface of the filler in the pot is better to be painted in green.

Subject design alone in a safe place to put it for a few hours to complete the drying plaster.


Decoration of the finished product

The next step in the master class will be decorating the surface of the plastic container colored sisal. To do this, paste the wall of the container strips double-sided tape and further entangle glass fiber sisal.


Then, this glass set in a spacious and transparent container and carefully fill the space between the walls of sisal that had no visible gaps.

On the surface of the “soil” as originally laid sisal green (or paint it the same spray paint). Sisal is glued to the glue “Moment”. The upper edge of the pot legalize gold ribbon and butterflies are attached to the branches using teip feeds.

At the top of the crown butterfly flew and sat gleaming wings. We put them on the hot glue. The final touch – Handle finished product acrylic lacquer, it will give him the necessary extra shine and durability.


That’s all a master class came to an end, but made their own hands gentle and charming topiary pasta is ready! This composition is perfectly complement your home decor and fill the surrounding atmosphere sensations and smells of summer.


You will be pleased to know that the butterfly symbolizes faith, hope and love. In the east, traditionally, to see in his window butterfly – fortunately. Very favorable and images of butterflies in the interior. They are attracted to the family of the owner of wealth and the reign of harmonious and romantic relationships between people.



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