Peacock feathers earrings

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Peacock feathers earrings

I offer lessons on creating bright earrings in the form of peacock feathers.


We need:

Beads: gold plating, gold flame, blue flame and light blue 12p., Blue transparent 8p .; iridescent beads: green, green, turquoise and blue;
blue faceted beads form rice, bicones and abacus; gold metal beads;
two round flat cabochon turquoise epoxy 16mm to 5mm;
Golden shvenzy;
Beaded Needle, monofilament, fleece or felt, leather and glue Moment.

Cut the nonwoven 2 squares of suitable size and glued on the centers cabochons. Since their reverse side is very smooth, then for better adhesion to the glue I made deep scratches reshёtochkoy with scissors. Marks the center. Bottom round cabochon embroider light blue, then blue light around the edges.


Top go blue beads Abacus. Then the bottom in the middle of golden beads and sew from her go to embroider the second row of metallic gold and blue light. Next, we cut our future earrings, retreating from the edge embroidery 1-2mm. Then glued to the wrong side of a pattern of thick paper, which must be less than 2-3mm loop embroidery. Then again, smear glue and sticking to the underside of the chamois leather. Carefully cut out, leaving the skin on the edges 1mm. When the glue has dried up we begin to trim the edges of gold beads “American” way, ie holes outwards.


Above the center of the retreat three beads on a loop for and proceed to the creation of a feather branches. The first branches do with short dialing for this prioritization: lime, green, turquoise and gold. Then, gradually lengthen adding sprigs blue beads 8p., Gold and blue iridescent flame. Then add and blue faceted beads on the edge of the twigs. Central bottom twig longer do all by adding at the beginning of a golden bead. The remaining edge to make out symmetrically embroidered. Then we do a loop for shvenzy. For reliability, I always pass the needle with the thread for the second time, making branches more robust and smooth. Now we can only attach shvenzy. Well, sort of, and not difficult.


I hope this lesson will be useful and wish you all a little more creative success!


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