How to pencil shavings craft

Crafts with the kids. pencil shavings
You know, from what rubbish you can create a work of art? Yes, because of the litter, the fact that we consider useless and always throw out!
pencil shavings craft
Every child has the colored pencils and sharpener. And all the colored pencils should definitely grind. And this is always pencil shavings – beautiful spirals of different colors, which are usually sent immediately in the trash.
pencil shavings craft pencil shavings craft
It turns out that the chips – the perfect material for applications. With the desire and ability can do amazing crafts of pencil shavings, which will amaze and entertain the child of his – and your – friends.
Create crafts made of pencil shavings very useful! It develops the child’s imagination, creative imagination, and at the same time fine motor finger.
Here are photos of some of the craft.
pencil shavings craft
Feathers of a peacock head made of rods pencils.
pencil shavings craft
Application develops accuracy, abstract and spatial thinking, coordination, fine motor skills of hands, artistic skills, instills a love of work and creativity.
pencil shavings craft
pencil shavings craft pencil shavings craft pencil shavings craft
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