Pendant with pearls

Pendant with pearls

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Pendant with pearls


Pendant with pearl beads

Author methodical development – Elena Bergman (lenaberg)
Rivoli 14 mm (silver night)
Beads TOHO 15-29B
Beads TOHO 11-9
beads 8 mm 20 pcs.
Drops number 5 – 9 pieces.
Metal beads
Metal Ring 3 pieces.
Bail, chain.


Perform tight Rivoli in earring set “Galina”
(after stitched Rivoli perform a series of mosaic bead number 15 (series A)
The second row of beads number 11)

Set of 10 beads. Top beads number 11
at the end of a number string display as in the photo (at the top bead mounted on a bead)

Getting carry jewelry beads for stringing of beads 10 number 15 and introduce the needle into the bead of row A

10 more strung beads and inserts a needle into the upper bead on the next bead.

So we pass a series to end.


In the next series of stringing 1 bead number 11, beads, bead number 11 and inserts a needle into the upper bead to bead.

Well tightens the thread.

Here is the complete series.
After this number of rays in the first row of beads are in its place and will no longer “walk”

Between the drops bead set.

Set all drops except for one.

Instead, install the last drop of metal beads and go through it several times.
The thread consolidates and trim.
Install and accessories chain.



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