Peonies from plastic bottles

Peonies from plastic bottles

These are peonies from plastic bottles made a few days ago from plastic bottles.



First, I made a template, a circle of flowers 10, 8, 6 cm in diameter


take the smooth part of the plastic bottle and placed on top


draw out the right size for a permanent felt-tip pen loop, will usually be smeared


cut blank and cut the petals along the contour


clear the workpiece alcohol by marker pens, which would then when painting was less dark


Now hold the workpiece over a candle, by heating the plastic will warp, the main thing is not to overdo, and then lights up. Better to take a thick plastic, it bends to one side, same thin turns in all directions and is not very


three blank cover paint, acrylic gloss I can a few times


put the details into each other and glued to the reliability


pour the glue in the middle of the flower and pour beads. Here and yellow peony ready


From my own experience, that the more tiers do – the more luxuriant will peony. I like a man who likes to reliability, after gluing layers – burn a hole right through the hot awl and a cross-wire or fishing line flowers. Be of good cheer, luck !!!

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