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Pet bottle flower lamp shade

Pet bottle flower lamp shade


You will need:

Plastic bottles, paper, scissors, marker, lighter, preferably pliers or tweezers.

Work best in a well-ventilated room or outdoors (e g on the balcony)! After work, be sure to ventilate the room!

1. For operation as a central part suitable plastic bottle, and the top or bottom.

2. On paper, draw a flower pattern and cut it out. Draw on the bottle flowers by the stroke pattern marker around the perimeter – how many will.

2 3


4. Fold all the petals in one direction.


5. Take a lighter, take a pair of tweezers or pliers in the other hand a flower and substitute under the flame lighters flower petal. Heated, petal starts to deform. Do not overdo it with the heating, otherwise spoil flower!
In turn, create all the petals of a flower.
Working carefully not to burn!


6. Make several of these pieces. You can make them a little more in reserve and used in the future as needed.


7. To produce such semi-finished flower, must be connected together in the center of the work piece 2-3. This can be done by heating the same. Or make advance preparations in the center of two holes, and sew them together by first placing the top decorative buttons or a plastic flower.




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