Photos of successive work

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Photos of successive work

Courtesy: Priyanka Rajpara

2 3

In material you will need :
3 canvas of size 12″ by 12″,Texture white paste, acrylic black colour, 3 different acrylic pearl metallic colour( i have used copper, bronze and antique bronze),palette knives and acrylic varnish spray

4 5

With the help of palette knife you can have texture like this.

6 7

After giving texture it will look like this. Let it dry for 24hrs.In the corner area texture is given with the help of hair comb.


Once texture is dried completely give a base coat of acrylic black to all the 3 canvases.

9 10
And then finally with the help of dry brush u need to apply your pearl metallic color. Once the color is dry, apply varnish spray.



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